Unfortunately since the building is brand new and not yet complete we have no information that we can provide to give you an accurate number. The building is well insulated and the majority of light fixtures are energy efficient. As well hot water is provided for you by the building so this expense does not factor into your costs.

The kitchens, washrooms, laudry rooms and entry areas have vinyl flooring. The remainder of the spaces have carpet, both are light neutral colours. Cabinets are all with white fronts in a Thermal Foil coating that looks likea semi-gloss finish. Countertops are laminate with a Mohogany wood colour. All apppliances are white.

Each suite comes with a parking stall that is in the covered parking garage. The garage is not heated but is protected and partially submerged below ground. There are some extra parking stalls availble for those needing more than one stall. These are available on a first come first served basis and cost an extra $35 per month.

Each suite has its own landry/storage room that provides a storage space. There is also a good amount of closet space. For bikes there is a large bike storage room in the parking garage. There are however no storage lockers available outside of the suites.

Hot water is included but electricity is not. The suites are heated with electric baseboard heaters so you will be responsible for heating your suite. Cable, phone and other similar utilities are also up to the residents.

Yes, they can now be found in the Renting section.

Unfortunately no pets are allowed in the building.